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Outpatient management programme of lymphoedema patients
The multifactorial outpatient management programme of lymphoedema patients at the University Hospital of Larissa is based on the Lymphoedema Management Protocol of the Nij Smellinghe Hospital (Drahten Netherlands) and on the Lymphoedema Management Guidelines from the Lymphoedema Framework (2007). The multifactorial group consists of Vascular Surgeons, Dermatologists, Physiotherapists, Dietician, Psychologist, Social Worker and Administrative Servant. The duration of the programme is 3 weeks minimum and consists of patient evaluation (photos, limb measurement, evaluation questionnaires on the physical statue, the quality of life and the psychological statue of the patients), daily Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), with bandaging, manual lymph drainage, exercise and stockings at the end of the programme, psychological support, weight control and patient education on self-management. Till today, though the number of patients that have followed the programme is not high, the preliminary data show that the majority of patients had primary lower limb lymphoedema that had not yet been treated and that the patients apart from the diagnosis had now further knowledge about the lymphoedema nature, cause and management. All patients were satisfied with the outcome of the programme, but they were worried about the financial burden of the bandaging material and stockings and about the daily transfer to the hospital. All patients had substantial limb circumference reduction (up to 11cm in some cases), that was sustained at the follow-up after 6 months. The majority of patients reported physical and psychological statue improvement. The best outcome was observed in patients with recent lymphoedema and in patients who followed the instructions about regular exercise at home. For this reason, in order to succeed early diagnosis, education and treatment, one of the future goals of the outpatient programme is public information and population screening in Thessaly.

Laboratory of Bloodless Diagnosis of vascular diseases
In the Department of Vascular Surgery, there is a Laboratory which consists of three portable color Doppler ultrasound machines where all ultrasonic investigations are being held (pre-operative evaluation and post-operative follow-up). There is secretariat for appointments and clinical records. The Laboratory supports the research activities of our Department.

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